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4. Using Special Disclaimers

We just discussed electronic signature capture as connected with tickets (aka“invoices”). There is also ability to similarly capture electronic signatures, but in connection with special disclaimers (e.g., the customer agrees to hold you free from liability if the tech damages her floor while moving machinery).

Usage is very simple.

First, you must provide one or more disclaimers. By present design, the system allows you up to six (if more are needed, please let us know).

If you wish to “from-scratch” create a disclaimer, open any text editor (e.g., Word,WordPad, NotePad, etc.). Type the desired Header (i.e., the “Title Bar” you want to have appear at the top of your disclaimer), then a vertical bar symbol (“|”), then the text Body you want to use.* Once all is typed and perfected, save it as a plain text file.

It must be saved to the \sd\netdata folder on your server. If it’s your first and/or only disclaimer, name it SdMobileDisclaimer1.TXT. If it’s the second, name itSdMobileDisclaimer2.TXT. And so on. (The naming must be precise, because it’s only for those particular file names, and in the folder location described, that SD-MobileLinkwill look for the applicable purpose.)

You may elaborate further on this if desired. In particular, if you want any particular disclaimer to be mandatory (i.e., your techs are required to have the customer sign this disclaimer), you may add text after a second bar symbol (i.e., in a third section of text,where each section is separated by a bar symbol). This section of text may contain the word “ALL” if you wish for the disclaimer to be required on all jobs, or — if you want it only to be required when particular kinds of machines are being serviced — you may list those machine descriptions, separating each by a comma (or, if only one machine type is involved, simply list it alone with no commas). If listing machine types, be certain the spelling is exactly the same as you created in the SeviceDesk machine-types dropdown.

Much as in the case of your customized ticket/signature language, once you’ve done the above, SD-MobileLink will see the file (or files), upload each, and each of your Tech’s instances of SD-Mobile will download the same, and offer it (or them) for use in collecting signed disclaimers from customers in each applicable instance.

If, incidentally, you want to assure your creation/editing work at the office is immediately uploaded to the remote server (i.e. rather than waiting for the next timed event), you can click on this button in SD-MobileLink:

To find, from the Mobile side, where to invoke the disclaimer option, just go to any job’s “Job Details” page. You’ll see a button as follows:

If, rather than composing your own disclaimers from scratch, you’d prefer to start with a very nice disclaimer set that has already been created, we have in fact provided a very nice set for you. You can open and/or download this set here.

If you are sufficiently fond of our example provisions, you can use them precisely as provided—with one exception. You must change the company name (as embodied within the text of each) to match your own.

At the least, our set of examples should provide you with ideas to use in creation of your own. In actual fact, however (and assuming you are in any service business that makes their particular subject matters applicable), we recommend that you use our example disclaimer with very minimal editing, aside from company name. They’ve been carefully composed with a good understanding (based on solid legal credentials and experience) of what most persuades most judges to take a disclaimer seriously.

To be candid, that is a tall order. As a rule, most judges will mostly ignore most disclaimers. To have any chance of being taken with seriousness, a disclaimer generally needs the very qualities that have been built into these examples (e.g., simplicity, not over-broadly asking for too much, etc.). If you change significantly from what is provided (and aside from incidentals), there is a very good chance you will be creating a weaker(rather than a stronger) result.

BTW, in any instance where a disclaimer is signed, the Mobile/MobileLink system will transmit it back to the office as part of the underlying PVR information. In result, you’ll see a reference to each signed disclaimer in any applicable JobHistory. That reference will include a hyperlink. To actually view a signed disclaimer, just double-click on the hyperlink.

In the above example, we signed three different disclaimers in SD-Mobile, and uploaded the PVR. Hence, there are three resulting disclaimer hyperlinks in the resulting JobHistory (there’s also a hyperlink for the underling ticket, which is not circled above).