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Troubleshooting Integration between Rossware Apps and MS Office

For a number of functions, ServiceDesk andother Rossware apps will make calls to various Microsoft Office products,including most particularly Excel (this process of connecting comes under atechnological/programming method referred to as “Automation”).  If the computer where this is done does nothave the underlying Office app fully and correctly installed, the call mayresult in an Error 429: Can’t Create Object. In most places, ServiceDesk will interdict that error and simply inform thereis a problem connecting to the underlying Office App, leaving it to you todetermine where the fault exists in your Office installation.  This document is designed to assist you. 

In general, the kind of automation we’rereferring to was only available in Office Versions 2008 and newer, so if you’redepending on an Office installation older than that, there is yourexplanation. 

Another issue we’ve found stems from anabbreviated installation mode Microsoft has more recently offered called “Clickto Run.”  This method leaves many Officecomponents based on the web, and “streams” to your local desktop on anas-needed basis.  It will NOT do for automation,and (if it’s what you have) you must replace your abbreviated install with astandard/complete “MSI” install. 

To determine if you have the abbreviated kindof Office installation, right-click on the shortcut you use to run Excel.  From the dropdown, pick Properties, thenclick on the “Find Target” button.  Ifyou come up with a window titled “VirtualizationServer,” it’s a good tip-off you are in the Click-to-Run mode of use. 

Here are a couple of MS articles to assist:

The second article, in particular, tells youspecifically how to switch to a true and complete MSI installation. 

If neither of the above answers apply foryou, the following article suggests several methods for correcting potentialdefects in your Office installation.  Youshould skip the first major section in the article, which concerns methods thatshould be used by the underlying application in calling for theautomation.  Look past those, to thesections that describe diagnostic and corrective work within the installationitself: