Time Allocations (DTR) Report (Techs)

This report was added in May 2012).  Its purpose is to allow analysis of how each tech is spending his time -- in particular, how much is spent while “booked-in” at jobsites, as compared to his total time “on-the-clock.”  It can also reveal such things as typical time lapses between time-clock punch-in and arrival at first job, departure from last job and time-clock punch-out, etc.

The report’s output loads into Excel, and on that basis takes advantage of greater width availability than can display well in this manual.  Nevertheless, here’s a shrunken image to give you some idea of what’s involved:

The report’s methodology is as follows:

  1. ‍This system reads within your Archived-ScheduleList, finding all appointments that fit within the requested date range.
  2. ‍For each such appointment, it finds the the tech involved, and his start and end times when fulfilling the appointment.
  3. ‍Based on the above, the system assembles for each tech a list of all appointment time-spreads as involved in each applicable day, as encompassed within the report.  For each such day, it further looks in the tech’s TimeCard file, for comparison of the time period (or periods) in which he was time-card punched in.  It is based on these comparisons that the numbers are compiled.

Please note this report has close relative in the DTR-Viewer as available from within the DispatchMap (F5), when viewing past days.  More particularly, if you keyboard press Alt-D while viewing any past day there, the system will view a graphic for each tech that shows the hours he was on the clock, and the portion of all such hours that he was logged in on actual jobs.