The Zone-Scheduler system

This is a system that allows you to separate your territory into geographic subsections, each of which can be managed for disparate service capacity and scheduled burdens.

It is essential if you wish to use automation (via, for example, our DIspatchLink utilities) for the purpose of exposing capacity for scheduling to intermediary entities such as ServiceBench and ServicePower (or, more particularly, to the OEM warranty companies and TPAs that schedule through those entities). It is likewise essential if you wish to offer vacancy-aware online booking to retail clients if our CyberOffice suite of functions.

In a nutshell, you setup capacity for each zone (capacities can vary by day, portion of day, etc.). The system compares scheduled burdens to indicated capacity and is able to deduce vacancies, if any, on the basis of the remaining difference, if any.

It may also be very useful internally, especially if you wish to designate one or more remote areas as separate zones in which you are only willing to provide service on particular days of the week. When so setup, the system can internally police against your own personnel booking within those zones on days when you do not not want to be sending techs to such areas.

You are permitted to have just one zone, and still use the Zone-Scheduler system.

For details on how to setup and use this system, see here.