The Techs Revenue Report (Techs)

This report produces a set of figures to help you determine, on a comparison basis between technicians, how well each is doing in terms of producing revenue.

There is, again, a top/red section for company-wide values, and a selection of graphics to help with at-a-glance comparisons.

In particular, the top section provides company-wide (or ”par”) geometries for each measure, with each tech’s particular measure purposely arranged to allow easy direct comparison.  At a glance, for example (green graphs), you can see that three of the techs (RA especially) are performing well above-par in regard to total sales.   Their average totals-per-work-day (yellow graphs) mirror the same fact.  However, one of the techs who’s strong in total sales, is not so strong in average total-per-ticket (AV, blue graph).

The leftward purple/violet graph is particularly interesting in its ratio-type comparison between labor and materials sold.  Glancing at this graph in AV’s section may give an immediate clue as to why his average total-per-ticket is below par.  It appears, simply, that in comparison to others he is underselling on parts.  Perhaps that is all he needs to amend.

Methodology for this report is as follows

  1. ‍The system reads in your SalesJournal file, and determines the range of entries that fits within your date-range specification.
  2. ‍For each entry within that range, it uses the Technician field to determine the tech to whom the sale should be attributed, and tallies accordingly.