Splitting commissions on a job

At this point in time, ServiceDesk has no elegant method of splitting commissions.  However, there are means by which you can “make do.”  Since commissions reports are generated on the basis of information in the SalesJournal, and since the SalesJournal only has a single field to indicate a single responsible technician as connected to each entry there, it follows that to credit different techs on the same job, you have to split up the entries on that job—i.e., make more than one entry on the one job, each for the portion of the total sale on that job that should be credited to each tech.

Suppose, for example, you had a sale for $250 (all labor).  $150 of that belongs to TechA; $100 to TechB.  If it was a COD job, you can simply make two entries from the F9 SalesEnter form, one for each such amount, each under the appropriate tech’s initials.  The system will whine and complain just a bit, warning the entered amounts don’t equal the total collected, and as you make the second entry will warn that you already made an entry on that job, and so on.  In this instance, just ignore the warnings, and proceed ahead.

The real complication arises where it’s a billed job.  The reason is that, ultimately, you want to have a single Account Receivable record (“A/R”), but as connected with two (or possibly more) separate SalesJournal entries.  Still, it’s not difficult.

In this case you have to handle it differently, depending on whether you pay your techs when the work is completed, or only when you’re ultimately paid (i.e., whether they’re paid on Paycode 2s or Paycode 3s).  Here we’ll describe how to do it if you pay them on Paycode 2s.  If you pay on Paycode 3s instead (and also need to split commissions), let us know and we’ll separately provide you with instructions on that.

While there are other ways you could do it, the easiest will be as follows (again we’ll assume a total sale of $250 labor with a $150/$100 split between TechA and TechB):

In the F9 SalesEnter form make your Paycode 2 entry for $150 under TechA.  In result of this entry, the system will, of course, create an A/R record showing the $150 due.  Immediately after making and recording this sales entry, hit F3 to bring up the A/R form.  The record just created (being the most recent) will be the one to automatically display (so you don’t have to look for it).  Change the labor amount in the form from the formerly split amount to the total (i.e., to $250).  Also change the initials in the ‘Tech’ box from TechA’s to TechB’s.  Now exit the form.  As you do so, ServiceDesk will save your changes and simultaneously note that, since there’s a been a change in amount, there ought to be a new entry in the SalesJournal to reflect that change.  It will offer to make that entry for you.  Simply consent to having it do so.  In consequence, it will make a second entry under that same invoice number (and under TechB’s initials) for the added $100.  You can now hit SHIFT-F3 and should see those two entries as the most recent, exactly as they need to be, and both connected to the one A/R record properly residing in the F3 form.

Again, it’s not perfectly elegant, but it’s not hard either, and works pretty well.