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3. SD-Mobile iOS Handbook

SD-Mobile can run on the following Apple devices:

  • Apple iPad (any model running iOS 10 or greater)
  • Apple iPhone (any model running iOS 10 or greater)

We recommend you use a device that is capable of having an internet connection at the very minimum twice a day. Once in the beginning of the day to download job information, and once in the end of the day to upload job information. This is the minimum, and it is preferable to have constant data connection for live updates from the office.

Once you have purchased SD-Mobile and your techs will use it have their credentials, the next step is to download the programs onto the device. You can do this by going to the Apple App Store on the device, or follow this link.

Signing In

Signing into SD-Mobile is very easy, and once you sign in your device will save your credentials.

You need to have your:

  • Business ID
  • Business Password
  • Tech ID (Unique to each technician)
  • Tech Password (Unique to each technician)


Enter these credentials into the appropriate fields, and tap "Sign In".😃

Job List Tab

SD-Mobile is set such that the tabs you see on the bottom of the screen are approximately in the order you would use them throughout the life of a job.

The first page you're greeted with when opening the app and signing in is the Job List. This page shows you an easy "at a glance" look at the day's jobs and provides some buttons for every day functions such as Punching In and Out.

Here's a brief overview of the features of this page:

  1. This is the Job List, the jobs which are assigned to you will be displayed here in chronological order.
  2. If you are needing assistance with the colors and symbols which show Job Status, this info button gives you a legend.
  3. This is the Tools menu. You can access Settings and Log Out.
  4. Depending on your preference, this will open your day's job Job routes in either Google Maps or Bing Maps.
  5. Often times people need quick and easy access to company contact information, this button provides that.
  6. In the event of no connection with Rossware systems the Future Sched button will display current and future job information online in an internet browser.
  7. Think of Download Core as a hard refresh. It will download and refresh ALL job information on the device. We recommend not doing often if you have a limited data plan as it uses more data.
  8. The device automatically refreshes and updates the job info every few minutes, but if you need a force one this button will do that for you.
  9. These three buttons allow the tech to Punch in and Out for the day. The manual button can be used to adjust discrepancies in punches.
  10. The Daily Time Report is how you finalize the Punches at the end of the day.
  11. This is the list of tabs, visible on every page, to navigate around he app. The current page is highlighted in blue.

Job Details Tab

When you tap on a job, you'll be sent to the Job Details page for that job.

Here's a brief overview of the features of this page:

  1. If you need to send a RoboCall Call Ahead to the customer letting them know you're on the way, this button will give you an option to tell them how long until you arrive.
  2. When arriving or finishing a job, tap this button to indicate the state.
  3. Use this if you have to return to a job the same day, after finishing.
  4. Tapping this button brings up a menu to choose which disclaimer(s) you need your customer to sign.
  5. One of the most handy features of this tab, these boxes show contact and location information on the customer. Tapping a phone number will call that number, and tapping an email will bring up the option to email them.
  6. This textbox will show the reason for the job.
  7. Any other important notes may be here.
  8. Information on the machine being serviced can be found here. By tapping the camera button you can take pictures to attach to the job (similar to the SD-Quickpics app).
  9. Sticky notes are handy to remember little things. This is no different, you can view notes left from the office, or make your own.
  10. All prior work on the machine will be here, showing prior job count and all money received.


  1. Add stock parts:
  2. Add Parts Order
  3. Add Office Orders
  4. Job description: Here the technician can write down any information they want about the job they did. Parts information will automatically be included under his or her description.
  5. The Unit Info Sheet information section is where the tech either fill or confirms the information on the product being serviced.
  6. This is to specify if the product being serviced for this job is new or existing.
  7. ServiceBench
  8. ServiceBench
  9. One of these three options must be selected before continuing to indicate that status of the job.
  10. If you are submitting the PVR with no receipt, select this option.
  11. If you are submitting a receipt, tap this and the app will bring you to the next tab, Receipt.