Resolving possible Right-Click problems

You’ll probably never have the slightest need for information in this section, and if you do it will have become apparent from other contexts that will have cross-referenced you to here.  So, if you’re just reading through, please don’t bother reading further here.

The reason for this discussion is because we’ve occasionally had trouble getting various of the ServiceDesk-intended right-click functions to operate when they involve a textbox.  As an example: right-clicking in a Callsheet address box to Item-Locate to the DispatchMap.  The reason: beginning with Windows 95, Windows itself uses the textbox-based right-click to enable a set of editing features.  This can potentially interfere with ServiceDesk using the operation for its own purposes.  However, we believe we’ve solved the problem in all contexts that it formerly existed.  We provide the explanation here, and discussion of possible alternative methods, in case we are wrong and, in fact, you encounter any such difficulties.

In specific regard to right-clicking on a Callsheet address line to item-locate, you may instead double-left-click thereon, or right-click on the label that identifies the textual area which includes the address line (i.e., either on the label that reads "Customer Name, Address and Phone Numbers" or on the one reading "Location Name, Address and Phone Numbers").  Any such action will produce the same result.  Similarly, in the alternative to right-clicking on any of a Callsheet's telephone number fields to auto-dial, you may instead double-left-click thereon, or you may right-click in the open space immediately below.  The same holds true for equivalent actions within any JobRecord as viewed from the JobsCurrent form.

A trio of alternative methods for the same functions may seem odd, but there's a historical reason for it.  When first encountering the problem with introduction of Windows 95, we quickly put in the double-click option.  But we dislike the double-click for actions that are very frequent (it’s just more effort), so before long we added the alternative right-click methods that involve clicking on non-textbox areas.  Then, over an even longer time, we developed solutions to make the original right-click-on-the-textbox operations work.  But still, we’ve kept the alternatives in place just in case—and because there’s a number of clients who learned ServiceDesk when double-clicking was the only method.  We don’t want to force them into re-learning old  methods.