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  1. This button allows you to add labor costs to the job.
  2. This button allows you to add additional parts to the job.
  3. Often times you have already added parts to a job and want them to be displayed here, this Reload Parts button will load in those parts.
  4. The breakdown of charges to the customer. It is best to review these prior to submitting the PVR. To the right of this box there are checkboxes which allow the tech to choose what the customer sees on the ticket/receipt or alter the ticket's properties.
  5. This button is used to add money collected from the customer. It would be used if the tech is collecting either Cash or Check.
  6. The Run Card button is for processing a credit card from the customer. The function of this button will change depending on what option the tech has chosen from the tools menu. You may opt to use a simple IDTech Card shuttle, or the newer Genius Mini device. See this guide for the Genius Mini.
  7. The Save As button, located above the big green Save and Submit button, is used to save tickets for future use. This Review/Continue button allows the tech to pickup the data from any saved ticket and continue from there. The data from that ticket will be entered into the appropriate boxes. It is important to name saved tickets well so it is easy to tell them apart.
  8. This allows the preview of the ticket.
  9. Tap this when you are ready to present the ticket to the customer for their approval and signature.
  10. If you have loaded a past/prior ticket, this button will clear the slate and bring you back to the original state of the current ticket.
  11. Check this if you want the customer to be emailed the receipt/ticket when you have submitted.
  12. The all important button. When this is tapped the PVR will be submitted and if the email box is checked the customer will be emailed the ticket/receipt for the job.