Quality of Service Report (Clients)

This report produces a series of figures (amounts involved in sales, averages per job, recall rates, etc.) that help you assess the level of work that’s being done for each of your HighVolumeClients, and to compare these parameters between such parties, and as compared to your non-HighVolumeClient work, both at a group level and individually.

The underlying mechanics, as involved in producing the report, are as follows:

  1. ‍The system begins by looking, one-by-one, at each SalesJournal entry (Paycode 1 or 2) that fits within your specified date range.  It tallies sale amounts on this basis.
  2. ‍For each such entry, it seeks to find a matching JobRecord.
  3. If from the JobRecord it appears the sale involved a POS situation (system looks in the job’s historical narrative for the phrase "(POS context)"), the transaction is excluded from the main tally figures (in such a case there will be a note at the report bottom that tallies POS items separately).
  4. ‍It determines whether to tally each particular job as a recall by using the “key-word” method (i.e., it looks for “RECALL”, “RE-CALL”, “CALLBACK” or “C/B” in the job’s Description/Complaint box).
  5. ‍It tallies quantity of trips, on each job, by reading in the narrative job history.
  6. ‍It tallies time spent, on each job, by reading in the narrative job history.
  7. ‍It tallies quantity of days from start to finish, on each job, by counting the days between the job’s OriginDate and the date of last technician visit.