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Provisioning for Microsoft Office on RSS Servers

In the past, we were able to provide Microsoft Office installations as well as their accompanying licenses free of extra charge to RSS users on their servers. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in Microsoft policy, we are no longer able to do so. Should you require Microsoft Office on your RSS server, this guide is here to help.

After testing on the server environment, we are able to recommend Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus with an Enterprise 3 or higher license as the best Microsoft Office solution. Office 365 ProPlus is an installable application. The Enterprise 3 (or higher) license is required for Office to open on multiple remote desktop sessions.

Due to how Microsoft Office operates on the server environment, it is necessary to perform the installation process in a very specific way. The process involves modifying Windows registry settings and configuring the way the installation behaves. We have largely automated the process. A folder with all the needed files as well as instructions can be found here. If you have attempted the installation already and require further assistance, please contact Rossware Server Solutions at

Once Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is installed properly on your RSS server, the only step left will be to license it. Licensing Microsoft Office is as simple as logging in with your Microsoft account and purchasing a license. A link to the minimum required tier of license can be found here, just login or create a Microsoft account to purchase. Upon receiving your Office license, you will need to log in just once when you first open up a Microsoft Office application on your server. You should now be ready to use Microsoft Office on your server. Please be aware; one license purchased from the provided link is good for up to 5 concurrent users.