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Printek barcode scanner

This instruction assumes you’re using a Bluetooth version of a Printek FieldPro Mobile Printer, with attached barcode scanner. It also assumes you have appropriately “paired” your Printek Printer with your computer.

Here are the further steps to make your scanner work:

  1. You have to activate a serial CommPort as connected to your Bluetooth connection. To do so, double-click on the Bluetooth icon in your computer’s Notification Area (aka “System Tray”). In the resulting box, select ‘View Devices in Range’, then (when a list of devices displays) right-click on the icon that represents your Printek printer. In the resulting pop-up menu, select ‘Connect COM1’, then follow the prompts. As you do so, pay attention to the particular CommPort Number that your system ends up configuring. You’ll need it in a moment.
  2. From SD-Mobile’s PVR page (you’ll have to be in the context of at least pretending to report on an actual job to get there), click on the little questionmark (?) button. It’s at the very bottom-center of the page, just to the right of the button labeled "Printek Scanner Off (Click to Turn On)".
  3. From the presented options, choose to set the CommPort Number. Then, in the resulting dialog box, provide the same number for the CommPort as was indicated when you activated the Bluetooth serial port, under Step 1.
  4. ‍Now, click on the larger button (the one labeled "Printek Scanner Off (Click to Turn On)"). This will send the command that tells your Printek printer to turn the scanner on.

With the above steps taken, you are now ready to scan. Just place your Windows cursor in any text box that you want scanned text to be placed into, then pull the trigger on your scanner. Point the red-line at a relevant barcode—and, voila, the relevant text should insert.

As you can see, it’s not intensely complicated. Even a monkey could do it.

For a more general commentary on barcode scanning within SD-Mobile, please see Chapter 3, Section D in the main SD-Mobile handbook (available at the following link):