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Password Resets: RSS Server Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

Due to security precautions, we prohibit our general support team from manipulating certain aspects of the RSS servers. Most of the tasks requested of the Rossware support team, in regard to the RSS servers, are those which should fall under the direct responsibilities of the client’s RSS server administrators. When assigning a person with the administrator role within the RSS server, they should be made aware of the responsibilities accompanying that role.

General administrative tasks such as, but not limited to; the changing of passwords, creating/removing user accounts, and the unlocking of accounts should fall upon the server administrator(s) of the client.

However, we do realize that fulfilling these responsibilities may not be a simple task for most users. If further guidance is needed, in lieu of our available written resources, server administrators are encouraged to reach out to Rossware RSS support either by email ( or by phone (800-353-4101). 

Provided below is a link to the Server Resources page where RSS server administrators are able to find useful information regarding the above mentioned responsibilities.