Making it easy: visit an operating office

In spite of our best efforts to make it easy, we have seen that, for some at least, the transition into ServiceDesk use can be intimidating. This is mainly a conceptual problem, for the notion of doing so many things by automation can seem new and foreign. As such it may be discomfiting, especially because it may be hard merely to grasp, at first, how the daily procedures are expected to unfold.

In this regard, we have found a very easy and effective solution. If you’re having a hard time getting there (and perhaps feel the basic comprehension is just not sinking in), you’d be amazed what a difference it makes simply to see the processes in real-life. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.

So, if you’re in this category, may we suggest that you simply visit a service office where ServiceDesk is in operation. Formerly, we used to invite people to the office where ServiceDesk started, but we no longer own that business. Fortunately though, we now have a client base sufficiently large to that there is a good chance that someone else is using the system not far from you. It’s our experience that most users are happy to share their know-how with others, and in fact are only too thrilled to have a “newbie” visit their office and see how it’s done (at least assuming you’re not a competitor with them).

Chances are, you’ll be able to watch over the shoulder of some ServiceDesk veteran as he or she goes through the ordinary tasks of a real day’s work with all elements functioning in a real-time, authentic environment. We’ve found that after a mere day of such observation, most “newbies” are excited as never before with an “Oh, that’s how it works” kind of comprehension, and anxious to return to their own office to begin implementing the many forms of magic demonstrated.

As a an easy means to find another company that might like to host you in this regard, may we suggest you use the bulletin board on our website to post your interest, and see who responds. We think it likely you’ll get at least a few invites in short order.

Alternatively, if you’d like a Rossware staff person to travel to your office for hands-on training there, we can certainly do so, but naturally need compensation for time and travel expenses, making this option probably more expensive, and we think typically less effective than seeing the process unfold in an established setup. At any rate, assuming you want to avoid any additional expense, we’ve found by experience that virtually everyone can successfully muddle through on their own. It’s just that with a simple day of observation, you can easily make a quantum leap in vivid comprehension.