Installing ServiceDesk to a new station

Steps for Thin Client setup. Run the component installer.

  1. Click to this download link or find System Files Installer on the downloads page from resources on the navigation bar above. It is under the section "ServiceDesk".
  2. It will bring up a little webpage that has a download link for the rossware components installer, this installer will install several DLLs into your system that service desk needs to function. Push the download button Once it's downloaded make sure you run the program (if you can't find it try pushing Ctrl+J to open your download list)
  3. Click install
  1. Upon completion click finish
  1. Next we need to map a drive letter to your server computer. This step requires you to know which computer your server is. If you don't know what computer your server is, go to a computer that has a currently working version of service desk, and go to the about form file functions -> about service desk in the upper right hand corner it will have a bit of information, on of the fields says "server is:" look for the name in parenthesis that comes after that, this is your server name.

  1. To map a network drive, push the Windows Key+E on your keyboard to bring up your explorer window, and look for "my computer", "computer", or "this pc" and right click on that. It will bring up a context menu containing the item map network drive.
  1. Once you've clicked "map network drive" choose your drive letter (usually you want to be consistent with your other computers here, if you have chosen "s" in the past, do so again, if you usually pick "z" choose that. If you aren't sure "s" is a safe bet.
  1. We need to specify the location of your SD folder. Click Browse You should see a list of computers. We want to open your server and choose the SD folder. (refer to step 5 if you don't know your server name)
  1. If your server isn't in this list, that's fine. Just close the browse window and in the "folder" field type \\YOURSERVERNAME\sd (replace YOURSERVERNAME with your actual server name, you can find that in step 5]
  2. Make sure the box "reconnect at login" is checked.
  3. Click finish. It will attempt to connect, it may ask for a username and password. This is the windows username and password to login to the Server computer.
  1. The final step is to make a shortcut to that ServiceDesk program. When the drive is mapped, open it up (you can push Windows Key+E and look for that drive letter you chose) and find the file that says "ServDesk" or "ServDesk.exe" (Make sure there isn't anything after the ServDesk, definitely do NOT choose ServDesk(AU_OLD))
  1. Once you've found that file, right click on it, open "send to" and choose "desktop" this will create a shortcut on your desktop.

Congrats, you're done!