Installing QuickPics beta for Android

Welcome to the beta for the new SD-Quickpics.

Installation is quite easy, just follow this guide.

Step 1

Once we add your email to the beta list, you will get an email invitation. You must open this email on your phone, as this is how you download the app. It will look very similar to this:

Just tap Sign Up

Step 2

When you tap the link you'll be brought to a page which looks like this. Unless you already have an account with Visual Studio App Center, you will need to create one to continue.

Step 3

Once signed in, you have access to download the beta! You'll notice it is called sdflux, instead of SD-Quickpics, this is just a beta name since it is not officially in production yet. Don't worry it's the right app!

Just tap download to continue.

Step 4

The download prompt will appear to download the app to your phone. Tap download.

When the download is finished, tap open.

Step 5

After tapping open you will be brought to the permissions page, just leave everything how it is and tap install.

Step 6

You're done!

All you need to do is press the open button.


With the installation complete, the app is now installed on your device just as any other app you might have installed from the app store is.

You can now log in with your credentials just as in the old app. The user interface and operation of the app is similar enough there should be no confusion.

Enjoy the new app and let us know if you have any issues! Your feedback can help us make the app even more amazing.

If you have any questions about the process or the update, please email me at