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How to Make any Program Auto-Start on Windows Bootup

General Strategy

There is a folder in every Windows system called. One of the things Windows does, on bootup, is look in that folder.  Anything it sees there, it runs.  So, to make something automatically run with a Windows bootup, you want to place a copy of it in that folder – or, at least, of a shortcut to it.  In the case of Rossware programs, it should (in all cases) be a  the program that’s placed in this folder, and not the program itself. 

To move a shortcut to the folder, we’re going to use the simple method, as follows:

Direct Instructions, Step A (Copy the Shortcut):

  1. Locate a shortcut to the program in question (typically on the desktop, or perhaps in the Windows Programs Menu).
  2. Right-click on the shortcut, then in the popup select ‘Copy’.

Direct Instructions, Step B (Paste the Shortcut):

  1. Click on the Windows ‘Start’ button.
  2. Right-click on ‘All Programs”.
  3. From the popup, pick ‘Open All Users”.
  4. Look for the ‘Programs’ folder, and double-click to open it.
  5. Now look for the ‘Startup’ folder, right-click on it, and in the popup select ‘Paste’. 

That should be all you need.  To assure you did it right, reboot Windows, and verify that the program in question auto-starts. 

Added Notes:

‍There is an easier method to get to a slightly different version of the Windows Startup folder.  We do not discuss that method here, because the easier method only does setup for a particular user login.  The method we describe puts the shortcut into a Startup folder that applies to any Windows bootup, regardless of who is the login User.