Getting the basics

Please think of this chapter, in its entirety, as a “mini-manual” for using ServiceDesk (in contrast, chapters 5 through 12 may be considered the in-depth portions of the manual).

We approach our mini-manual topics in five sections. he first will walk you through a quick look at some of the things you may be most anxious to see. It also provides some very basic, beginning orientation.

The second delves a bit deeper into orientation, walks you through simulated processes of taking a all, writing a service order, and so on. The intent is to give you a beginning sense, by actual doing, of how these most basic processes work.

The third section is more expansive in that it provides a narrative sketch of the entire ServiceDesk system, describing the overall framework so, when you are later dealing with specific parts, you’ll understand how each fits into the larger picture.

The fourth is also a narrative sketch, but from a different perspective. Instead of providing a snapshot of what you might call the factory’s architecture or layout (which was essentially done in the third section) it outlines the sequence of how a typical day’s work should progress, from start to end, within that factory.

Both third and fourth sections are important to get your general grounding, and may be referred back to if later (when in the chapters that describe each feature in detail), you begin to lose your bearings.

The final section discusses some incidental matters, as you’ll see upon getting there. You’ll notice that, though a great deal is described in this chapter, we don’t go into such detail as to give you anything approaching a thorough understanding. Don’t despair. This is only a general description, and keen understanding is not yet expected. That will come as you read in the detailed chapters—and with actual practice as you begin implementing.

Please believe also, there is major joy waiting as you cross the river and round the bend. You don’t have far to go. Just muddle through as best you can, and, believe it or not, you’ll be there soon.