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1. Getting Started

Welcome to SD-Mobile, empower your technicians by giving them futuristic tools in the field.

We have two handbooks for SD-Mobile:    

  • Main Handbook (Includes directions for techs using Windows)
  • iOS App Handbook (Supplementary handbook which only explains the basics of the iOS application)

The first handbook provides a detailed and broad-overviewconceptual understanding.  However, in regard to specific-instanceinformation on the technician side, it refers primarily to the Windows versiononly.  The second handbook has details that are particularly andspecifically applicable to a technician’s iOS application.  (The in-officeside remains the same regardless.)

Please be sure you read at least the main handbook.  Itprovides a lot of contextual understanding that will be very beneficial to yourfull enjoyment and benefit in the SD-Mobile system. 

Aside from that, I’ll here provide a brief thumbnail regarding initial setup.  


First, there is a little app that must run from the office (any station you prefer for this is fine).  It does the communicating between your office and the techs.  Appropriately, it’s called SD-MobileLink. Here’s a hyperlink to the installer:

  • SD-MobileLinkInstaller (for app needed in office)

    (Hint for running these Windows installers: Ijust keep my finger poised on the Enter key and tap quickly with each query, soas to accept the default response as each query is presented; it’s easier andmore brainless that way.)

The tech's mobile platform

Second, for each tech’s mobile platform, you must install the applicable mobile app.  Though both available versions of the mobile app (i.e., both the one for Windows and the one for Apple/iOS) are simply called “SD-Mobile” (i.e., as opposed “SD-MobileLink,”which, again, is the in-office app), for shorthand we often refer to the Windows instance as “SDM-w” and to the iOS instance as “SDM-i.” Anyhow, the installer for the Windows version can be accessed via the same main website download page as is described above.  Regardless, for your immediate convenience I again provide a direct hyperlink here:

If you wish to use SDM-i instead of SDM-w (which,obviously, is appropriate for technician use in an iPhone or iPad), you can(from the Apple device) search in the Apple App Store under “Rossware” or“SD-Mobile” or you can find a link in the same downloads page (from ourwebsite) as above referenced, or here is a direct link:


Third, if having used an installer for a Windows application, you need to then update it. 

The fact is we need do not keep our Windowsinstallers up-to-date with the latest versions of the app being installed (onthe Apple side it’s all incorporated and there is no worry in thisregard).  In fact, the version that is put in place by a Windows installermay in some instances be very old.  Thus, it’s important to run theapplicable updater if you’ve just done a Windows install. 

If you go to SD-Mobile downloads page, you’llsee it features both installers and updaters for SD-MobileLink and SDM-w. Please assure you pick either the Installer (needed if there has not been priorbeen an install) or Updater according to immediate need, and for the particularapp as needed. 


As a fourth matter (this applies regardless of which of the above apps it is that you install and setup), you must know (and fill-in) your company’s particular UserAccountNumber and data-systems-login-password

If you do not yet have your login information, or need help remembering it, just reach out to us.

We look forward to working with you in conjunction with this exciting system.