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Genius Mini

It's about time! Finally the modern payment solution comes to SD-Mobile. If you're reading this guide, we're assuming you are already setup as a TSYS Merchant and have acquired a Genius Mini device for use with SD-Mobile.

Get the Genius Mini app

The first step is to understand that the Genius Mini requires you to have the Genius app installed on your device. It's very easy to find here on the Apple App Store.

Once you have the app installed, go ahead and open it to familiarize yourself.

You may realize in the upper right corner is says "No Device. Please select device". Tap here to connect your bluetooth Genius Mini. When it says "Bluetooth reader connected", you are all setup.

Enable Genius Mini

Within SD-Mobile, go to the tools menu from the upper right corner of the application. You'll find a new section called "Payment Processing".

Use the toggle to enable Genius Mini. That's it!

Start charging cards

When you're on a job and it's time to charge the customer, all you need to do is tap the Run Card button.

The Genius app will immediately open with the Balance Due shown, and multiple payment options.

You can either choose a payment option, or swipe a card right away without making a choice. If the card is approved, you'll be brought to a signature page. The customer signs and you or the customer can tap "Confirm".

The Genius Mini app will then automatically return you to SD-Mobile. You'll notice the amount charged is now added to the Funds Collected table.

That's it! You just charged your first card on the Genius Mini.