Finished Form Graphics

From an early stage, we’ve included in ServiceDesk’s Finished-Forms the ability to use graphic images as part of the “printed” output. Typically, graphic images are used for a background “form image,” as per ServiceDesk’s default up-front ticket. But they may be used for other purposes as well, including the option to place a stylized/artistic rendering of company name, address and so on at the top of forms (such as the Generic and POS) that are otherwise (and at least normally) set in the body.

Like many things in ServiceDesk, the ability to use graphic images (and in these contexts) has evolved with time. The following describes the structure as of late 2008.

  1. Both these forms come standard with A picture object appropriately positioned for a Logo/Name/Address artwork area to appear at top of the invoice. However, it’s not operative/used unless the user provides a MyLogo.BMP file (saved to the operative NetData folder) containing the image that’s wanted.
  2. By default in the initial setup, it will use the same InvoiceLogo.BMP file as the up-front setup. Like the up-front machinery, this print mode also looks to the .PRG file for instructions on how the image should be sized/positioned. Thus, it prints the form image in identical manner to the up-front setup. If you simply remove the operative InvoiceLogo.BMP file, reaction for the Custom FinishedForm will be exactly the same as for the up-front ticket: the background image will cease to be included in the printout.
    (i) The user may want to print a blank Custom ticket from the Finished Form context, where for the up-front context they’ve removed the InvoiceLogo file for conversion to TextOnly invoice printing. To accommodate this particular need, the InvoiceLogo.BMP be should be renamed to LogoCustom.BMP. And, you should assure the user has a version of the Custom.frm file that excludes any reference to a picture object (which is how, in the future, we’ll distribute). Basically, upon detecting that a user is printing a blank Custom form, and where the Custom form does not reference a picture object, and where a LogoCustom.BMP file is appropriately present in the operative NetData folder, the program code will react by printing the LogoCustom.BMP image, and according to dimension/position specified in the operative .PRG file.
    (ii) The user may want to continue with original-setup/same-asup-front-ticket printing for the Custom FinishedForm, where (as in the Maier Television scenario), they’ve switched to a WorkOrder-with-tear-offs situation for the true up-front ticket. For this situation, ServiceDesk will look to see if there is a LogoCustom.BMP file, and if there is a TearOff1.PRG file. If so, it will assume a scenario as per Maier Television, and react accordingly (please note this assumes that, as in the case of Maier, the User.PRG file that’s used for that up-front WorkOrder has not altered the specified position/sizing of the underlying invoice image). If the user wants an image on his form, he must appropriately include (in his Custom.frm specification) a picture object, sized and positioned in such manner as he wants the image to print. He also must provide a LogoCustom.BMP file in the operative NetData folder.
  3. To print a Narda with a background image, be sure the file WrrntyFormImage.BMP is installed in the operative NetData folder.