Desk assignment and status options

On the right side of each Callsheet, you'll notice there are two sets of option buttons, one labeled 'ActiveDesk', the other 'Status'. These show which desk (i.e., which computer in your network) the Callsheet is presently assigned to, and whether the Callsheet's status is 'Current' (work needs done on it presently), 'Hibernate' (it's sleeping for a prescribed period), 'Delete' (this Callsheet is like a garbage piece of paper; you simply want to get rid of it), 'Job/Sale' (you've created a job/sale from this Callsheet), or 'Otherwise Done' (for some reason other than being used to create a ‘job/sale’, this Callsheet has similarly completed its purpose).

One detail you’ll notice is that the last three status categories (Delete', 'Job/Sale' and 'Otherwise Done') are framed somewhat separately within the list. The reason is simply to emphasize that it’s by being moved into one of these three categories that the Callsheet is considered “done” (and it’s only those that are in one of these categories that will be moved out of the current Callsheet workspace when, but not until, a CallsheetArchive routine is run). If the Callsheet remains in either ‘Current’ or ‘Hibernate’ status, by contrast, the supposition is that it’s not “done,” and it should (and will) not be moved out of the current Callsheet space, ever, so long as that remains the status.

Changing the selected option, when wanted, is done by left-clicking on the applicable button with your mouse, or by using the quick-key that is indicated for each of the possibilities. Indeed, you'll notice that the labels themselves indicate the key that, combined with Alt, will select them. Plus, you'll find that as you hold down your mouse button while clicking on any of these, their labels will change to indicate the full quick-key combination that could be used. Thus, if you wish to switch a Callsheet that is presently in any other Status back into 'Current' mode, press Alt-C. If you want to mark one for 'deLetion,' press Alt-L, or to mark one for 'othrws Done,' press Alt-D. The other two status modes, 'Hibernate' and 'Job/Sale' are similarly selected, but more events necessarily occur upon their selection than a mere change in the Callsheet's status, so these will be discussed separately.

In regard to changing a Callsheet's 'ActiveDesk' assignment, the quick-key is Alt-S (as in "Switch desks"), or again, you can always use your mouse. The situation in regard to the Callsheet's display of potential desks is a little complicated, since ServiceDesk must work in an environment involving anywhere from one to several stations, and there are positions available for only two different desk-assignment buttons on the Callsheet. Essentially, if there's only one station, the second button will not be displayed (because, obviously, there's only one possible desk assignment). If there are two stations, one button will be labeled for the first desk, and the second for its counterpart (with each displaying the actual StationName assigned to it). In this case, quite naturally, you're allowed to switch to either desk by simply clicking on its corresponding button, or you can toggle between the two with each press of Alt-S.

If there are three or more stations, it becomes more complicated, since there's not space on the Callsheet for an infinite number of buttons corresponding to every desk a larger user might include in their system. In this case, the first button is labeled 'My Own' (i.e., my own desk), while the second may be labeled either 'Another's' (if the Callsheet is assigned to your own desk) or with the particular name of the other desk to which it is assigned (assuming it is, in fact, assigned to someone else's desk). Now, if the Callsheet in question is assigned to your desk and you want to switch it, the task is initiated by selecting the 'Another's' option (either click on it or hit Alt-S). At this point, ServiceDesk will display a list showing each of the other desks to whom it might be transferred.

Make your selection, again using either cursor keys or mouse (in the case of only two other options, i.e., three stations total, a single stroke of the up or down cursor key is sufficient for selection); at this point, the Desk Assignment will instantly change to the station selected. Conversely, if the Callsheet is presently assigned to someone else's desk and you want to switch it back to yours, there's no need for the list. Just hit Alt-S or click on the 'My Own' option.