CommissionsEarned Report

This report is provided for those who pay their technicians on a commission basis.  Like the SalesSummary, it reads (finds its data) directly in your SalesJournal.  It will apply whatever commission basis you have established in the EarningsRates form (quickkey is Alt-F2), as applicable to the tech on whom you are creating a report.

The screen-displayed version of this report contains summary data only, an in two columns.

Like the first two columns in the SalesSummary, these reflect: first, figures pertaining to work actually performed during the period (i.e., the total of applicable Paycode 1 and 2 entries); and second, of jobs paid for during the period (the total Paycode 1 and 3 entries).  You’ll want to pay the tech on whichever column reflects your payment policy.

Also (and still much like the SalesSummary), it you elect to print the report, you’ll have the option to include the line-by-line entries that went into producing the summary figures.  Usually, this is useful for allowing techs to verify they are indeed being paid on each of their jobs.