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Changing User Passwords on Remote Desktop

The first matter to consider is whether you want passwords to be in control of each user, or controlled by the Administrator:

Controlled by the Administrator:

  • Pros: The administrator knows the credentials for each user desktop, and can login his or herself at will
  • Cons: The administrator must bear the burden of setting up user credentials, informing the user what his or her credentials are; keeping track of the same, etc.

Control by each user individually:

  • Pros: The administrator doesn't have to do anything (in regard to setting user passwords), except perhaps to guide users into knowing how to change their own password.
  • Cons: The administrator cannot login to any desktop without changing the password to one he or she knows. This means the desktop will not thereafter be accessible to the assigned user, until and unless the administrator informs the user of the new password.

Please note that you can be flexible in your use of these two options. You could, for example. allows users some user accounts to set their own passwords, and set other passwords yourself.

Administrator control

Changing the password for other users from the Administrator account is done in the same location you would go to set up new users. An easy way to get to the Server Manager window, where you will perform this action, is by clicking windows and typing "Server Manager" in the search box.

Click Server Manager, and it will open the management console. In the top right you will see a menu of options. Click Tools > Computer Management.

On the left side of the window, make sure you're on Local Users and Groups, and the "Users" folder. You'll be displayed a list of all the user accounts on your server. Right click on whichever one you would like to change the password for and click "Set Password..." You'll be guided through the rest.

Individual user control

Changing the password on another windows user account from the Administrator profile is very easy. The first step is to click the windows button, and find "settings".

This will open the settings menu, your may look slightly different but you should be able to find "Accounts"

The final step is clicking the "Sign In Options" tab on the left side of the window, then "Change" under the password section.