Automating customer communication

The average service office logs a lot of time in telephone conversation with customers.  It’s a significant expense, and not very efficient — from either the customer’s or company’s perspective.

A few years ago we got to thinking, what if a lot of this could be automated?  What if, instead of having to talk to someone in your office to handle their needs, your customers could manage them independently, via interfaces on your website?  The concept was so great, we had to pursue it.  Our CyberOffice set of functions is the result.

In a nutshell, CyberOffice is a set of “plug-ins” for your website where customers can attend to much of their business with you, including such matters as:

  • Initially requesting service and booking their job;
  • Re-booking after parts arrive;
  • Confirming they are ready for and expecting the next day’s appointment (or re-booking, if required);
  • Tracking their tech’s progress on the day of the appointment; and
  • Checking on the status of in-progress work.

All of these “plug-ins” automatically integrate with ServiceDesk within the office, so — whatever your customer does online — the result shows in ServiceDesk.  Plus, whatever you do within ServiceDesk that is relevant to your customer needing to see online, ditto, it’s available there for your customer.

The system also involves emails, auto-generated via mechanisms within the office to link the customer to various of the website interfaces, as appropriate.  After parts arrive, for example, and email will generate (only with operator consent), informing the customer they are in, with a link that takes them to the “plug-in” interface on your website where they are permitted to re-schedule.  When you’ve worked out your appointments for the next day, email reminders can then be automatically sent (again, with user consent), and it’s these reminders that ask each customer to “link-to” another “plug-in” interface on your website, where they are able to confirm (or re-schedule, if need be).

The functions go on and on, and the whole system is available at the minimum cost of just $10/month (total cost may be greater, depending on usage rate).  We don’t think it makes any sense not to use it.  Just call when ready, and we’ll send you a setup email.