American Home Shield Status Updater info

AHS's update structure allows use of the following set of status update codes:

Our AHS-JobStatusUpdater utility is designed to provide these codes to AHS primarily on the basis of status as found in underlying SD JobRecords, subject to two exceptions: 

  1.  If a particular DispatchID# is found solely in a Callsheet (i.e., a dispatch that has not yet been Job/Sale'd), it uploads Status Code 50 (see above), unless there are more than 50 characters in the Callsheet's MoreInfo. In this case the assumption is that such character quantity likely indicates attempt to reachd customer for scheduling, so Status Code 60 is uploaded instead.
  2. ‍If a particular DispatchID# was formerly in the system and uploaded with any status, but in the next update cycle that DispatchID# could not be found, it uploads Status Code 40.

For all JobRecords, it uploads Codes according to the following translation scheme (i.e., from SD JobRecord-Status to AHS-Status-Code):

  • 'Working to Schedule' = Status Code 20 (In Progress)'
    Current Scheduled'
    = Status Code 30 (Appointment Set)
    'Dispatch to Tech' = Status Code 70 (Technician in Route to Customer's Location)
    'Tech Rprtd, Not Done' = Status Code 90 (Technician Arrived at Customer's Location)
    'Waiting for Parts' = Status Code 100 (In Progress with Parts on Order)
    'Pending Authorization' = Status Code 130 (Possible Denial)
    'Other' = Status Code 150 (On-Hold)
    'Completed' or 'Rcrdd to SlsJrnl' = Status Code 10 (Complete)
    'Marked for Deletion' = Status Code 40 (Cancelled)

Every AHS DispatchID# as found in SD (whether in Callsheets or current JobRecords) are updated at least once each 24 hours, and within each 24-period as often as it's found (during an update event) its status has changed from what was prior uploaded.

The utility creates a transcript of its upload activity with each update event (for any assistance as might be wanted for diagnostic or verification purposes).  This transcript (overwritten anew with each update) can be found in the sd\netdata folder, on your server drive, under the name:

  • Ahs_TranscriptOfLastConnection.CSV"